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Enjoy a meal at Post Gasthof Gemse

Our herbs come from our own garden.

Our fish comes from the local pond.

Our mushrooms are from the nearby forest on the mountain.


And our traditional and creative recipes are lovingly perfected from many generations of family history and modern influences


Let us guide you through traditional Tyrolean cuisine or discover new flavor creations - chef Seppl Haueis and his son Josef have gathered their experience from all over the world alongside the family's old cookbooks.


We tell you 
where it's from

More transparency on the plate - we support our local agriculture


Our suppliers are regional:

  • Meat: Jurtitsch Fließ butcher's, Fleischhof Oberland, hunting & our own farm

  • Vegetables, herbs, fruit: our garden, Kofler company, local farmers

  • Potatoes: Lederlehof Pitztal, Neururer Tösens

  • Eggs: Hueber Mathias Zams

  • Milk & dairy products: our own farm, Ried dairy, Tirol Milch

tasty treats


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